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The Great American Road Trip

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Expedia Survey

To mark the unofficial start of summer, commissioned a study of the American summer traveler. Some interesting findings of the survey - 96% of Americans listen to music on road trips. The most popular road-trip genre is classic rock; nearly a third (32%) of Americans plan to make classic rock their road-trip soundtrack of choice. Country and pop are preferred by 15%, followed by R&B/Hip Hop (12%), classical jazz (4%) and dance/techno (4%). A full 14% refused to specify a category, choosing “Other.”

Surprisingly, among the 50% of Americans planning a road trip this summer, half will travel with children and half without.

For both groups, the top iconic destination is:

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  • The Grand Canyon (22% cited it as their favored landmark), then;
  • Mount Rushmore (11%), then;
  • The Statue of Liberty (10%) and then;
  • Washington’s National Mall (8%).

The biggest deterrent to a summer road trip is high gas prices, at 64%. Unsurprisingly, “entertaining the kids” is the top priority for those who plan to take an extended road trip with children. Mobile games top the list of in-car entertainment. 68% of Americans report that their children play games (on tablets, smartphones, computers and handheld game systems) on the road.

Mobile devices are critical to the travel experience. While on a road trip nearly half (46%) of Americans use smartphones to share status updates on social media sites during road trips and 82% of Americans use smartphones the old-fashioned way, to make calls while one-fourth (25%) use smartphones to book hotel rooms from the road.

Planning on driving to your summer holiday? Jiffy Lube's Summer Vacation Vehicle Checklist:

  1. Check your engine oil & filter 'Engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle, check your owner's manual to see how often your manufacturer recommends changing the oil and oil filter.
  2. Clean dirty wiper blades Don't get caught in summer showers with dirty or old wiper blades! Simply run a paper towel over your wiper blades to clean off dirt. Also, check for cracks and tears in the blades, and be sure to replace them at the interval specified by your owner's manual.
  3. Keep your tires pumped Winter driving may have worn down your tire treads and pressure. Have a professional check to ensure they are properly inflated so you maximize gas mileage. You can find the proper tire pressure in your vehicle owner's manual or in your vehicle's door jamb. Be sure to check your spare too!
  4. Stay cool and check the A/C There's nothing worse than having your air conditioning stop working in 90 degree weather. Have a professional perform a system check to ensure you'll stay cool when the weather heats up.
  5. Engine air filter An engine air filter is like your vehicle's lung, and the dirtier the air filter, the less clean air gets to your engine, thus affecting how it works. See your vehicle owner's manual for how often it should be replaced.
  6. Prepare for an emergency There's nothing worse than having your vehicle breakdown on the side of the highway. If you don't have a vehicle emergency kit, create one with items such as bottled water, a flashlight, flares, duct tape, an extra cell phone, energy bars, a blanket, and can of Fix-A-Flat.

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