7 Tips to Burn Calories to Make Room for that Thanksgiving Meal (Plus Leftovers!)

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You don't have to make huge sacrifices to indulge in that Thanksgiving meal while also watching your waistline. The little things add up; and here are seven simple steps from FitWeek that will save you room, that you've earned, for more.

1. No more mixers! Mash the potatoes by hand and get an incredible arm workout.

2. Football? Yes! But instead of watching it, take the family outside and actually play it.

3. Take an extra lap around the grocery store when you’re shopping for all the ingredients. It’s a fact: Small steps can add up to make a big difference for your health.

4. Walk it off. Take a brisk walk post-Thanksgiving meal. You’ll have to fight the drowsiness that sets in after all that turkey, while also earning the calories you’ve consumed.

5. Before you dish up the plates and sit down, stand up and go around the table having everyone say one thing they are thankful for.

6. Make bread from scratch. It’s all about using your body weight to really get that loaf soft and delicious!

7. Don’t sit down to watch the Macy’s Day parade, stand up and march along. Better yet, why not go do it in person! Plus, there are parades all around the country to choose from - http://travel.usnews.com/features/Americas_Best_Thanksgiving_Day_Parades/

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