Teaching Kids about their World with Junior Explorers Subscription Boxes


My seven year old is VERY inquisitive...which is something I just love about him. But it also means that I have to be on top of my game when it comes to supplementing his education at home. I certainly don't expect his teachers to handle everything. It's my job as a parent to keep his mind engaged and learning when he's at home too. And that is why I am absolutely LOVING the educational monthly kids subscription service Junior Explorers.


With Junior Explorers, children, ages 5-12, have the opportunity to learn about wildlife and nature through missions that come in their subscription box. Considering my son is all kinds of interested in animals and science right now, I knew this would be right up his alley. He's always coming home telling me interesting facts that he's learned about a particular animal, so you can imagine his excitement when he opened up the Junior Explorers trunk and saw a Serengeti Mission complete with toy animals and collectible cards. And the fun started before we even started to explore all the materials because he found stickers...What kid doesn't love stickers? As you can see, he was able to personalize his trunk!


Once we logged in, my son was able to choose his character and mission, which was of course the Serengeti. He was taken through the region by an African guide who taught him all about the climate and the animals who live there. The characters speak the text that's shown on the screen, which is great for beginning readers. And the interactive features, which include everything from fun games to a camera, kept him fully engaged. In fact, once his mission was complete, he asked when he could do another one! So, it's a good thing his trunk also came with a Biome mission!


If you're looking for an educational tool for your elementary school aged children that makes learning FUN, look no further than Junior Explorers!

This is not a sponsored post. We received a sample for review.

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