Target Shopping Haul for Back to School

target shopping spree

This weekend we took advantage of the rain to head to Target for our Back to School outfit bonanza. We were looking for "first day" outfits as well as fashions to make the entire back to school season feel more special. New shoes and fancy clothes make saying goodbye to the pool and beach a little less painful.

After a brief swing BACK through school supplies (we couldn't resist these folder) we headed to the apparel section. The first task was finding leggings. The girls seem to live in them, so we started there and worked up.

The grand winner of "things we love" were these rainbow unicorn leggings. Yes. Rainbow and unicorn. They are an 80s explosion of cool.

unicorn leggings

We didn't stop there with the leggings. We also got dots and sparkly jeggings.


Once we had these basic (and not so basic really) we headed to the tops sections. I was so happy to find all the details and prints that my girls want. We are in the "more is more" school of fashion right now. Bring on color texture and print. How about this heart t-shirt we found for $6!

fun t-shirt

Since we can't live just with separates we started putting together outfits. Target makes it easy with brands like Circo and Xhilaration, you can shop a little area with matched options supplied, like this one. Grab a top and a bottom from the same area and you've got an outfit. Note: hearts and plaid go great together!


Our final spin was through the shoe department. We got these amazing boots that made my 4th grader jump for joy. I think the shoe gene definitely was passed on to her! These were $19.99 and I know they will get worn well.


Once we had all of our loot in hand we headed home to photograph everything and do a little fashion show. The girls made all sorts of outfits. I admired the creativity they put into the process, I encouraged them to mix and match making the new items work with many different things old and new is an art I hope to impart to them.

Setting everything out really made me appreciate the value and versatility of our haul. Of course we hit all the major fashion trends, but we did it well under $150 for both girls.

cut-offs outfit
cozy outfit

Finally my little one finished off with this. I think it's the sweetest first day outfit ever. And thanks to Target, we could create it from shoes ($9.99) to shorts ($6.99) to top ($6) to headbands ($3.99) for about $25. And yes, more unicorns.

1st day of school outfit

Every little thing is a really big deal.


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