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With a lot of summer travel activities in the works, we are excited to highlight some swim safety tips as our kids start swimming and learn how to swim. A few weeks ago I had the chance to chat with four-time Olympic gold medalistLenny Krayzelburg about swimming tips and swim safety for our kids. Since retiring from competitive swimming he has started several swim academies that focus teaching both kids and adults.

During our chat Lenny spoke of the importance of teaching children to be water safe with the practice of the SwimRight Method. Through this method, Lenny focuses on the 'swim-float-swim technique' as a way to provide children with confidence. He added, "confidence is the foundation of beginning swimmers." He added, "Whether they are adults or kids, they need the confidence to then start the beginning stages of swimming." This includes freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and all 4 strokes.

I asked him how kids learn, and he spoke of how kids instinctively know how to roll over, and through proper training they then learn how to better position their bodies for swimming. Lenny noted that this doesn't include the use of floatation devices (floaties) because "kids have to learn their use their own bodies and build their core mechanics for swimming."

Lenny also noted that parents should look for programs that teach basic skills as well as teach kids to swim in real-life situations. He also believes that children learn, and pick up information differently so a program should tap into (and cater) toward various learning styles.

With lots of water fun for summer, it is crucial to discover a program that teaches both water safety and confidence - all while learning how to swim. For sun safety ideas visit http://www.momtrends.com/2015/05/sun-safety-tips-for-moms/

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