Survey from Parents Magazine Reveals Insights into the So-Called "Mommy Wars"

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From the moment they become moms, women worldwide are assigned a role on Team Stay-at-Home Mom or Team Working Mom, and thus the Mommy Wars rage on…or so we think.

Parents editors surveyed more than 500 mothers about the Mommy Wars, and found that most moms—working or not—get along. So why all the hype? Parents investigates the overblown battle.

Check out some of the highlights from Parents’ survey:

  • The hype – While 63 % of respondents say they believe the “Mommy Wars” exist, only 29 % have seen evidence of them in their own community.
  • Moms have each other’s backs – 62 % of respondents say they feel their fellow momsare supportive of one another, regardless of whether they work outside the house or stay home with the kids
  • Changing sides – More than half of all moms (55 %) say they would change their current situation, whether they’re employed or at home, if they could.
  • The toughest job of all – 92 % of all mothers agree “there is no tougher job than being a mom.”

The full article containing the survey is in the August issue of Parents, and online at the below link

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