Mini Style Saturday: Superheroes


I don't know about you guys, but I totally wanted to be Wonder Woman growing up. There was no one cooler in my book. And to be honest...I've considered throwing a costume party just so I can dress up as her. Haha! So, even though I'm a tad bit too old for the Justice League for Target collaboration, the little girl in me is going gaga over the Wonder Woman goodies.

The retro-inspired summer collection definitely appeals to this child o' the eighties. I just may have to put something away for my lil' lady bean. I have a feeling that my oh so strong-willed daughter will be fascinated by Wonder Woman too. Is that gardening set precious or what? Maybe my baby girl will join her mama and help grow that organic garden I've been dreaming about. Le sigh.


It's so neat to see how our kiddos' generation are crazy for the same superheros we loved growing up! My lil' dude is ALL about Spider-Man, Batman, the name it. And now that Superman is set to debut on June 14th, you KNOW that's all he can talk about. We were lucky enough to sample some FAB Starpoint stationery recently and you should have seen his face light up when he saw the new Superman. He just HAD to start coloring away in his new notebook right away! And you can bet that his new Superman folders, which can be found at Wal-Mart, will be going to school with him next week.


So, are you little ones superheros obsessed too?

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