Summer Camp Ideas for Kids with Allergies


If your kids have allergies, you know how stressful the thought of sending them away to camp can can be. Well, there are steps you can take to put your mind at ease when you send your little one off for some summer fun...and one of those steps is labeling their things. Mabel's LabelsAllergy Alert labels are perfect for this. They can be personalized with specific allergies to put on food containers, first aid kits, epi-pen cases, and travel gear. And they are a very noticeable bright red color, durable, waterproof and dishwasher safe. Score!


After all, labeling is an important step in allergy safety and awareness. Making sure children’s allergies are labeled clearly on lunchboxes or personal items is vital. And labeling extends beyond the school year. It's a must for camp too! Mabel's Labels also has a handy dandy Camp Label Pack that comes with UV resistant, waterproof labels and personalized tags designed for everything that goes with your kids to summer camp.


Now, if you just aren't quite ready to send your little angels to camp yet or it's not even feasible due to their allergies, why not put together a summer camp right in your own backyard? You will be there to monitor your child's allergies and they won't miss out on the summer camp experience. has a slew of DIY summer camp ideas! We know how busy you mamas are and love this resource because it lays it all out for you in an easy step by step program that features 10 weeks of themed activities, both on and offline.

Topics include “under the sea,” “animal adventures,” “summertime science,” and more. They're themes I can definitely see my little ones having a blast with! How about you? We do plan on sending our six year old to some sports and science camps this summer, but I'm loving these ideas for supplementing our summer fun. Kids can create their own ocean in a bottle, make a crocodile costume, or even solve the mystery of why crayons melt in the sun! How fun is that?


And for even more DIY camp ideas, make sure you check out our ultimate family guide to outdoor summer fun...the Happy Campers Guide! Here's to a wonderful summer lovelies!

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