Newborn Nap {Stokke Sleepi Mini}


Earlier this week my friend who took our family and maternity photos when I was 31 weeks pregnant came over and spent the morning taking pictures of Max.

max_10 days old

She got some great shots of him, including the one above, but it was slightly exhausting. For everyone. I never realized how hard it is to get good photos of a newborn. I assumed a photographer just laid a sleeping baby down, took a few shots and "Viola! Beautiful baby photos". Turns out, it's a lot of work!


As you can see, even Max was tired. After a few outfit changes, many nursing breaks, and position changes, he took a nap in his Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib. To be honest, he rarely sleeps there during the day. He is often in the living room or on my chest or in his swing. But to see him laying so content in his crib was really special. It was a quiet moment to just admire my little guy and think about how he truly does fit into our lives.


Sure, we made his nursery in of the corner of our master bedroom but the Sleepi is like his little safe space. And he knows it. And we know he belongs there. Here. With us.

stokke sleepi_white

Thanks to Stokke for providing a sample in exchange for coverage and review.

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