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Safety Tips for Families

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Safety Tips for Families

With summer and Father's Day approaching it is good to be reminded about the importance of family safety. To help out, we are sharing some tip from Safe Kids to help make sure kids stay safe while they’re having fun:

Secure your TV. Kids love to explore around the house, play hide and seek or just sit down to watch sports or a movie with dadso we want to make sure the TV is secured to the wall to prevent TV tip-overs.

Keep an eye out while swimming.  For many families, Father’s Day will involve a trip to the pool or beach. While the kids are having fun in and around water, make sure to give them your undivided attention, without distraction. You can also download our Water Watcher cardto make sure someone is always watching.

Check your car seat. Before dads hit the road with little ones, make sure to check that your car seat is properly installed. We have a car seat checklist to help you out.

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Buckle up on every ride, every time. Kids are like sponges, so be a good role model by wearing a seat belt every time in the car. And make buckling up a habit starting when kids are young. Check out this great video that shows that kids really do listen. 

Use your head, wear a helmet. Riding bikes with your kids can be great fun. Let kids pick out their own helmets and they’ll be more likely to wear them for every ride. And make sure to wear one yourself.

Take action against distraction. Set a good example for kids by putting phones or other devices down when you’re driving or walking. If parents put their phones away, kids are more likely to do the same. 

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