Safest Sunscreens for Kids 2013


It's that time of year again - the Environmental Working Group has released its annual report on guide to sunscreens. Once again, we've looked through the findings to share the safest sunscreens for kids.

EWG Report Summary

Before you shop for your family's sun protection, consider these recommendations from the Environmental Working Group's report.

  • Avoid Sprays - We know they're convenient especially when dealing with squirmy kids, but they may pose an inhalation risk and the application can be spotty and inconsistent.
  • Don't Fall for Super High SPFs - Higher SPFs provide a false sense of security and reflect only protection against UVB and not UVA rays. The FDA is considering limiting SPF labeling to 50+ and the EWG recommends avoiding products with claims above 50+.
  • Avoid These Chemicals: Oxybenzone, Retinyl Polminate (a form of Vitamin A).

We're highlighting the safest picks from babies and kids from the thousands rated by EWG. For more comprehensive searching on the go, considering downloading the EWG Sunscreen Buying Guide app.

Safest Sunscreens for Kids 2013

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