Room Makeover With Wall-Ah!


Little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. Their imaginations constantly create magical lands, spirited adventures, and inspiring tales of heroism. Their bedrooms are their safe place, but should also be a space for them to cultivate those incredible dreams. Weather you rent your home or own, sometimes committing to a room theme can be daunting. Wall-Ah!, a brand new company specializing in educational, pop culture, and original design decals, are as easy to remove as unzipping a zipper. Their exclusive, never before seen designs instantly transform any room.

I was challenged to do a mini-room makeover for a 4 year old little girl. I was told she loved pink, magic, and princesses. Shock. So, here's where I started---

I love the Wall-Ah! whimsical Doors to Other Worlds line. They are exactly as they sound: faux doors and windows that look out into another magical land. The pink shutters I chose screamed "little girl". Here's what the room looked like before:

Image placeholder title

Here's what the room looked like after:

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The pink shutters come with coordinating miniature flowers that can be placed wherever you like. I put some inside the heart cut-outs within the shutters and then scattered them throughout the room, even putting some on the stairs for her loft bed.

I also included pretty paper pom poms from Under the Paper Lantern and minimalistic princess art from Etsy.

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From Care Bares to Barbie, to Peanuts and Minions, all the way to your favorite super hero or classic cartoon character, there is an abundance of choices for your child to fall in love with. Wall-ah! customized line of decals are affordable, vibrant, and fun for any age.

This was a sponsored post. 

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