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Soda Stream recap, Soda Stream

Did you know that Americans drink over 40 gallons of fizzy drinks per capita each year, and we spend about $40B annually on packaged soda (stat from Soda Stream)? Since our love affair with fizz isn't going away anytime soon, we are excited to embrace it by enjoying a more convenient and environmentally friendly way by making your own seltzer and soda water at home with Soda Stream (check out our past review).

Soda Stream Review, Soda Stream

How the device works is really simple. You simply fill an attached carbonating bottle with water and then attach it to the Soda Stream and press what type of carbonation that you want via its 3-level LED carbonation indicator. The kids really love this part as they hear the water start to bubble and finish within minutes. I tested out the Source model, a really cool and sleek model that was designed by Yves Béhar. Available in white, red, black and blue, this model includes an easy-to-use snap-lock bottle mechanism, a sodamix taste sampler and a lifetime warranty should anything happen. Other models in the Soda Stream line include the Fountain JetGenesisDynamo Deluxe and much more for fast and easy soda-making fun!

Soda Stream

Another bonus of the Soda Stream is that it helps to promote less water since you aren't buying those plastic bottles (check out the demo below on exactly how they do that). It also allows you to get creative by adding your own flavors to your drinks with their SodaStream sodamix. This includes varieties like Root Bear, Apple, Lemonade, Green Tea and much more. This can also be a great idea for entertaining for both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drink options.

Check out this video to learn more about Soda Stream:

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