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Re-write the Dinnertime Rules with Birds Eye


Most of us moms have a hard time to get our children to eat vegetables. In fact, ninety percent of kids don’t eat the recommended amount of veggies each day.

Momtrends attended a wonderful event hosted by Nickelodeon’sSam & Cat star Jennette McCurdy and Birds Eye Vegetables. Both are on a mission to put the "play" back on the plate. The champaign called Rewrite the Dinnertime Rulesis about getting kids to try new vegetables by making dinner time fun for them.

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Jennette McCurdy and Birds Eye have the following suggestions for getting started on rewriting your own dinnertime rules. “Kids have endless imagination, try out veggie tacos, veggie faces, veggie ‘try’ outs, etc. Rewriting the rules means letting them put the fun in the picture", says McCurdy. During the event we got to hang out with Jennette McCurdy, as well as Birds Eye's Executive Chef Michael while we went through 4 different challenges and "new rules for dinnertime". 

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Rule #1: Role Reversal. Kids pick the menu and the veggies, help shop for the groceries and are in charge (with a little help from mom and dad) in the kitchen. Plus, they get to pick the theme and dress and decorate accordingly, whether it's hitting the "beach," bringing out your family's wild side in the "jungle" or cheering on your favorite sports team.

Rule #2: Play with Your Birds Eye Veggies! You can use your veggies to make smiley faces or create colorful rainbows on your plate ... you can even give your broccoli a mohawk haircut (really!) – just have fun!

Rule #3: Celebrate Every Bite. It can take up to 12 times for a kid to try a new type of veggie, or any new food before he or she begins liking it.

Rule #4: Be a Veggie Explorer. There are all sorts of cool and surprising ways to serve veggies. Smoothies can be mixed with veggies, yogurt, OJ and honey, Popsicles can be made with carrots and OJ.

The Birds Eye and Nickelodeon partnership is in its second year. They know that when kids are involved in the dinner process, they are more likely to want to eat what they helped create. Bird's Eye's Recipe Ready product line cuts down on the prep work of gathering and prepping the vegetables so instead of slicing and dicing the cook can focus on the rest and deliver weeknight meals more often.

For more information on how you can rewrite your own dinner rules click here.

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