Raw and Vivid Look at Motherhood from Momma Love: How the Mother Half Lives

Momma Love Review

Motherhood is complicated. One minute it can be completely joyful and happy, while another moment it can bring on frustration. With all of the multitude of feelings and emotions, one thing is certain: we are not alone.

Ali Smith

With Mother's Day approaching, we have been highlighting some of our favorite gift items, and another one that is on the top of my list is Momma Love: How the Mother Half Lives by Ali Smith. I was introduced to the book by Jessica of Momma's Gone City, and I instantly became enraptured by this poignant photography book that is filled with anecdotes of mothers and personal moments that you will never see on most people's facebook, instagram, twitter, and so on. We tend to mask over the complexity of our children, and motherhood itself in lieu of the shiny happy moments (which are magical in themselves), but where they fail is that they don't quite tell us the full story of a person.


This is not a book just of the shiny happy moments, but rather Ali uncovers the not-so-glamours side of motherhood - putting to light everything that we all go - making motherhood extremely raw, vivid, and real. The realness is what gives it its beauty and the realness is why I can't stop reading this book. From breastfeeding pictures to modern working moms to simply holding a child, Ali pieces all of these stories together with beautiful pictures that tell the story of life, pain, devotion, happiness, sadness, and the mystery of motherhood.

Personally, I really enjoyed how she tied-in the theme of love - not only the love that a mother has for her child - but as Ali says, "It's about the love she is shown, by herself and the world around her." Whether that is a positive or negative experience, Momma Love uncovers the vast complexity of mothers through honest and emotional pictures that allows you to connect as well as reflect on your own magical, complex and beautiful journey through motherhood.

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