Hosts “Ask Santa” to Answer Kids’ Toughest St. Nick Questions

Questions for Santa

For the third year in a row,,a source for professional expertise online, is hosting a fun, free website where kids can ask anything they’ve ever wondered about Santa Claus and get an answer direct from the North Pole.


Featured on and operating through midnight of Christmas Eve, the Ask Santa site provides parents a place to direct their inquisitive kids when they are stumped by tough holiday questions such as “how does Santa make it around the world in one night?” or “what happens if we don’t have a chimney?”.

Unlike other sites and services that invite kids to submit gift wish-lists, Ask Santa is focused solely on satisfying kids’ curiosity about life in the North Pole, the logistics of St. Nick’s trip around the world and other holiday quandaries. For every question submitted, will donate $1 to the Gladstone Institutes, up to $20,000, to fund research on cures for Juvenile (Type 1) Diabetes. The Ask Santa site is staffed with company employees who take turns playing Santa by answering questions.

Some of the most popular questions that children asked Santa on the site last year include:

  • How do you do everything in one night?
  • Can you still visit me if we don’t have a fireplace?
  • Santa, why do you wear red?
  • How do reindeer fly?
  • Are the other reindeers jealous of Rudolph?
  • Santa, have you ever got stuck in the chimney? If yes, then what did you do?
  • What does Santa do for his Jewish friends?
  • Have you ever been convicted of breaking & entering?
  • Does it make it you sad that some people do not believe in you?
  • When was the last time you trimmed your beard?

“What we find heart-warming about our annual Ask Santa site is that it focuses on the fascination children have with Santa Claus and the holiday season rather than on gifts and the ‘what do you want from Santa’ routine,” said Andy Kurtzig, CEO of “It’s also a great way to reinforce our company mission, which is to help people and change lives, by tying the questions to a charitable donation. It’s a great light-hearted opportunity to interact with kids and their parents.”

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