Protect Your Body from Insect Bites


Bites are annoying, and with summer travel mosquitoes and ticks are bound to attack.To help us, we enlisted the advice of Tender Corp and their amazing product, After Bite who shared some inexpensive tips and product essentials that could offer more comfort and protection when you are at home and on the go.


Tips For an Itch-Free Day Outside

Use Repellent: Use DEET-free insect repellent before leaving the house to protect. Spray any gear you will be carrying as well. A good choice is Natrapel, a long-lasting mosquito and tick repellent that features CDC-recommended 20 percent Picaridin formula, the only formula that consistently shows equal or better performance than DEET in independent, clinical tests.

Be Prepared: Carry insect bite treatment like After Bite New and Improved featuring soothing baking soda for instant relief.

Dress for Success: Wear light colored clothes to discourage and easily spot insects before they bite.

Avoid Areas Where Bugs Like to Hang Out: If possible stay away from heavily wooded, high grassy areas and standing water where insects are more prevalent.

o Mosquitoes like cool, moist places and standing water.

o Flies tend to hover around animals and sweets.

o Hornets nest in trees and bushes.

o Yellow Jackets are drawn to food and nest in the ground.

o Bees tend to sting when the weather is gray rather than when the sun is shining.

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