Waste in Focus: A Photography Profile on Waste

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With Earth Day a few days away (be sure to check out some of our favorite Earth-friendly companies here), we are always looking for ideas to waste less. A new photography project is also showcasing waste as it documents the issue and causes of our country’s landfill obsession. As Earth Month is in full swing, check out these real life examples that showcase how we can all help make a cleaner environment.

Waste in Focus
Waste in Focus
Waste in Focus

The “Waste in Focus” photo series is taking an authentic, moment-in-time look at what eight families from around the country are recycling, composting and throwing away in a week. Famed photographer Peter Menzel, and his wife Faith D’Aluisio spent a week in the homes of eight families and using similar methodology from his past projects (see here), gained intimate knowledge of each of the families’ waste habits. It’s truly an eye-opening anthropology project, as these photos bring to life the important issue of unnecessary waste – during Earth Month and beyond.

The hope for the project is that it will start a conversation about how Americans handle their household waste and how small changes can lead to a big difference.

Also, be sure to check out this infographic on how you can waste less at home.

Waste in Focus
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