Planning a Summer Staycation


There’s nothing a parent dislikes more in the summer when they hear the words, “Mom, I’m bored.” The reality is, if you don’t begin to plan now you’ll be hearing more of where that came from in the coming weeks. Summer is here and the kids will be out of school, so if they are not lined up to attend camp or another structured program, you’ll have to organize some summer fun staycation ideas to keep the kids busy – and to keep your sanity as a mom.

Here are a few resources and ideas to help you plan your summer staycation with the kids:


1. Create a summer fun kit. We love the idea from Crazy Little Projects that incorporates both indoor and outdoor activities. Grab a few buckets and fill them each with a theme of products. One bucket could be filled with some coloring books, crayons, markers and other creative art materials that would keep the kids busy on a rainy day. Another bucket would contain some games and outdoor equipment so the kids could enjoy some fun time outdoors. Have the children help you prepare the buckets to get them excited about their upcoming staycation.


2. Plan easy outdoor activities that the kids will love. The race soap boats would be a hit for any kid who loves the outdoors and I Heart Naptime shows just how it’s done! Put the kids in their bathing suits, grab a few towels and create the ultimate race right in your own backyard. This is sure to give the kids hours of fun in the sun.


3. Fight summer boredom with tons of activity resources. A summer staycation wouldn’t be complete without a list of ideas and activities to choose from! Lil’ Luna has many wonderful and easy resources to help you plan your staycation – from list making to generating activities, this site has you covered! My favorite is creating a “Summer Activity Jar” where the kids would pull an idea from the jar and complete the activity that is stated on the card. This is a great way to stay organized and provides your kids with a bit of surprise each morning. This is another easy way to implement some fun and structure into your day throughout your staycation.

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