Overalls for Kids


Have you noticed what a huge fashion trend overalls are right now? Just take a look at Pinterest. Overalls can be found all over the fashion boards. There are supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio and stars like Jessica Alba running round looking downright darling in overalls. And fashion bloggers all over have definitely taken to this trend too.

As cute as some of the overalls outfits are, I'm just not sure this thirty something mama can still carry them off. I may have that attitude because I got my fill of them in the nineties. I would love to know who came up with the one strap down trend. I'm still traumatized by the photographic evidence of me rockin' that look. Just sayin'.

That being said, I practically lived in overalls (worn the right way) for most of high school. They were just so darn comfortable. Haha! Maybe I will give them a try again...eventually. It will probably be right when the trend tanks. Le sigh. But I digress...Even though I might not be taking the overalls plunge quite yet myself, I think they can be totally adorable on wee ones and plan on picking up a pair or two for my baby girl.


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Kiwi Industries Around the World Elmo Onesie / Neck & Neck Red Capobina Bermuda Overalls / Kiwi Industries Around the World Abby Cadabby Onesie / Neck & Neck Blue Capobina Bermuda Overalls

I especially like overalls on babies and toddlers. There is something so cute about chubby little legs sticking out of a pair of overalls. Don't you think? I mean have you seen little Prince George in his overalls? It doesn't get much cuter than that!

Now you could certainly go with a classic overalls look like Prince George has been sporting, but I also love the idea of pairing them with a cool graphic tee or onesie! Don't get me wrong, I totally deck my kiddos out in prepster looks from time to time, but I think it's so much fun to go the urban cool route too!

So, are you ready to go overalls shopping lovelies?

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