Organic Mattresses for Kids

Organic Mattresses for Kids

There is a lot that we do as parents. We make sure our kids' eat right, we look out for organic and we make sure to use the right paints and look for chemicals in their food. One area I didn't really think about was what they slept on. During BlogHer I chatted with the team at Naturepedic and learned that everyday (not organic) mattresses are made of polyurethane foam (known for causing skin irritations), formaldehyde, and cotton pesticides (I also learned more about these chemicals on Mother Jones). Not exactly what sweet dreams are made of.

Organic Mattress, Organic Mattress for kids
Organic Mattress, Organic Mattress for kids

After that I realized I didn't know where my daughters' mattress was from or how it was made and needed to make some changes in my home that reflected every other healthy decision that I believe in at home.

I decided to swap out my daughters' mattress for the 2 in 1 Organic Cotton Ultra Twin Mattress from Naturepedic. We both instantly noticed the difference with this super versatile mattress where I felt how firm and sturdy it was. The science behind it is that the mattress includes both waterproof and quilted sides that is ideal when kids first use the mattress. It also includes a dust-mite barrier. As a mattress that grows with your child, you can also turn it over for a comfortable feel.

In terms of what they are made of, these mattresses are made with an organic cotton fabric, organic cotton battingpla batting, and steel innersprings (instead of memory foam, other forms of polyurethane foam and synthetic fabrics), whose fabrics smolder (instead of bursting into flames) in case their is a fire. This meets all Federal and State flammability standards without the need for any fire retardant chemicals or FR barriers. The mattresses also contain no wool or latex - making it great for those with allergies. It is also super comfortable thanks to its steel coil innerspring with alternating coil directions thank makes it stable AND supportive, and even better, designed to last.

We also tested out the Organic Cotton Waterproof Fabric. While she doesn't wet the bed anymore, this is a great for kids that are transiting to their own mattress as it features an easy-to-clean 100% polyethylene waterproof surface that protects from dust mites.

Another bonus is that these sturdy and safe mattresses are designed to last. While they cost more than traditional mattresses, they do come with a 20-year limited warranty

While we all do our best to give our kids the right foods, it is also key to give them the right items to sleep on to avoid ingesting chemicals and soak in harmful fumes in the place where they rest.

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