Organic Gardening Tips

Organic Gardening Tips

With Summer vacation rapidly approaching, we are really excited to explore organic gardening. To help us out, we have been reading Organic Gardening Magazine’s new curriculum DIG, PLANT, GROW!

A great way to keep your kids happy on long Summer days and teach them new and valuable lessons …while hopefully getting them more interested in eating their veggies along the way, this informative booklet is packed with information about composting, soil, seeds and more.

Organic Gardening Tips

In fact, many recent studies have been conducted which prove that gardening increases nutritional awareness and may even affect children’s vegetable consumption! This statistic, coupled with the fact that kids today spend two hours less on sports and activities per week than they did 20 years ago, makes DIG, PLANT, GROW! not just a fun educational tool, but a necessary one – getting children outside, seeing the fruits (literally!) of their labor is a great way to teach lifelong valuable lessons and empower kids to build a sustainable agricultural future.

To get your own gardening kit, be sure to check out the FREE guide to kid-friendly gardening via an easy-to use online PDF format here that was written by teachers Meredith Hill and Sarah Ohana with help from Ethne Clarke (Editor in Chief of Organic Gardening).

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