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Inspiring Nursery Gallery Walls & Tips from Designers to Create Your Own

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It seems like all of our favorite nurseries have one thing in common: a fantastic gallery wall. A well-designed gallery wall is great in any room of the home, but we think it's particularly suited for a nursery because it provides such a clean slate. You can find inspiration in the nursery design theme, reflect the new little person inhabiting the room and create the perfect blend of sentimental and new artwork.

We scoured Pinterest to find some of our favorite nursery gallery walls and have some inspiring rooms to share. We reached out to the mom designers for their ideas, tips and advice about how to create the best nursery gallery wall.

Nursery Gallery Wall Ideas & Tips

Life in Bridgetown has a ton of inspiring before and after room renovations, but my favorite is the nursery Brooke designed for her son.

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Brooke offers some great tips for designing and editing a gallery wall for any space in your home, as well as tips for creating a cohesive nursery design.

When designing the nursery, I tried to stay focused on my theme which I coined 'modern camping with woodland animals'. It's easy to get caught up in all of the cute and adorable options out there for nurseries and decor, so I really limited myself to my theme and my colors which came from my inspiration fabric.

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For example, when creating the gallery wall, I had gathered several prints and items that I liked, then narrowed them down to make sure they fit within my theme and color scheme. For instance, I had a cute wrot iron clothespin that would look adorable in a nursery, but didn't vibe with my theme, so I edited it out. I think you have to be careful with gallery walls and use an editing eye so they don't get too cluttered and busy. We did a gallery wall in our living room and I used some of the same techniques which are: 1) have a unifying element, in this case it was all white frames, 2) stick to a general theme and or color scheme and 3) add some interest with items that aren't square frames.

Some things I would recommend to someone working on a nursery is to come up with a theme and/or color scheme and stick to it. Make sure the room is functional, comfortable and of course, safe for baby. Take some time to shop around for deals and to don't be afraid DIY some elements. I can barely sew a straight line, but I think our nursery feels so unique and special because I took the time to custom paint and sew several elements. Almost eleven months in, our nursery has proven to be totally functional and a super enjoyable space.


Jen Stagg put together a mint, pink, coral and white nursery for her daughter Ruby. Find all the darling details at her blog WithHEART.

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Jen says, "I believe every home should tell a story-- the story of its inhabitants." This is particularly true in Ruby's nursery. Here's Jen's advice for creating a gallery wall and designing a nursery:

I love a gallery wall. My home has several. I think they offer so many different opportunities to not only showcase artwork and photos, but also something meaningful and interesting. That’s exactly what I feel I accomplished with my daughter’s nursery gallery wall.

The wall started with the balloon print. I loved the colors and the sweet little girl with the rabbit. That print was the inspiration for the entire room, and when planning my baby shower, my dear sister-in-law looked up the artist, Sarah Jane (Sarah Jane Studios), and she offered embroidery patterns. She embroidered the “Just Stay Little” art and the little girl for me, and also made the pink button “R”. Talented, right? I love them so much!

I thought it would be sweet to put newborn photos of my husband, myself, and ruby in her room so I found hospital pictures of each of us. The other photos are of Ruby’s grandmother, whom she is named after, when she was a baby. That’s Ruby’s great-grandmother holding her grandma! I love her hat and lipstick. The scriptural quote was sent to me from a dear college friend, shortly after I found out I was expecting. It was such a thoughtful and sincere gift. And the elephant hook is from Anthropologie. I wanted something three dimensional, and I thought it was the perfect touch.

I think a great gallery wall has a mixture of this formula: a statement piece, something colorful, something old, something handmade, meaningful photos/art, and something three-dimensional. It’s an opportunity to put together things you really love— have fun with it!


Bri of Emerson Grey Designs created an amazingly glam and girly coral, gold and aqua nursery for a client.

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Bri says, "My advice for moms creating a gallery wall of their own is to be aware of the wall space they'd like to fill and if the images that they love won't fill the space properly, then use matted frames like we did in this wall gallery.  Matting your images can add more size and drama to a piece and really allow the art piece itself to stand out."


Balancing Home. Megan put together this gallery wall for her son Hudson, including a custom Blast Off print. Visit Balancing Home to download the print for free.

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