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Celebrating National Nutrition Month

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National Nutrition Month

We are serious about nutrition for our kids. Leading up to National Nutrition Month (March), a team of nutritionists and dietitians are launching a public service campaign directly to parents to motivate their kids to tie the benefits of healthy food choices to their being the best they can be. The team of Family Food ExpertsTM will educate families about nutritional health using its Kid Kritics Approved Seal, so that parents can quickly find foods that are “kid approved” (taste good) and meet firm nutrition guidelines.

Fuel Your Dreams uses a variety of educational and online tools to motivate kids to want to eat healthier so they can optimize their potential, and empowers parents to understand that kids will eat healthy foods as long as they taste good.

Family Food Experts Founder Ellen Briggs, challenges the notion that nutrition needs to be hidden in foods. “When did broccoli become a 4-letter word? We believe in transparency with kids – they’re too smart. Rather than hiding, pureeing, masking vegetables, we believe if prepared and presented properly, kids will embrace vegetables and create healthy, lifelong habits,” she explained.

The campaign’s message to kids is simple…you become what you eat and drink. However, Fuel Your DreamsTM realizes that kids need a reason to eat healthy food beyond “your mom said so.” So, for example, if a kid wants to be an NFL football player (a popular choice among boys) or a veterinarian (the number one pick among girls surveyed), the program educates them on what specific foods can “fuel their body for success.”

The Fuel Your DreamsTM program uses fun and motivating educational components such as posters, flash cards, and online resources to teach kids about how foods fuel their bodies for success. “Beyond teaching the concepts, we’ve included easy meals and recipes that are searchable by what foods feed each body part,” said Briggs.

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This is a logical extension of the Kid Kritics “Foods from Head to Toe Chart” that lists the foods that feed different body parts, and lets kids pick which areas they want to focus on, given their goals. The majority of kids surveyed picked strong muscles, smart brains and sharp eyes.

The Kid Kritics ApprovedTM Seal drives the education piece for parents. Weekly, the Family Food Experts TM team conducts blind taste tests with hundreds of kids and food products and/or recipes which have met ingredient standards established by the company’s Board of 12 health professionals, including founders of medical centers, licensed nutritionist and dietitians, a pediatrician, a child psychologist, and more. In total, the company has managed more than 25,000 “Kid Kritics” in blind taste tests. As a result, parents trust the seal, knowing that the foods have been independently evaluated, have healthier ingredients, and have been endorsed by kids to actually taste good!

The kids answer four questions regarding look, smell, taste, and whether they want to eat it at home. To achieve the Kid Kritics ApprovedTM Seal, pre-established ingredient standards must be met, including no bad fats or artificial additives, little to no caffeine, acceptable amounts of naturally-sourced sugar and sodium, and more.

By combining these resources, the Family Food ExpertsTM team hopes that Fuel Your DreamsTM will be a powerful motivation for kids around the country to take ownership of better food choices.

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