The Muck Boot Company, Waterproof Boots for Kids


The Muck Boot Company are well-known for their rugged outdoors boots. If the storm that hit the Northeast hard this week is any indication of snowfall to come, I am glad we tried Muck Boots when we did.

Muck Boots are unlike other boots we have owned for three MAJOR reasons:
1. They are entirely waterproof.
2. They are super flexible.
3. They come up higher than most kids' boots.


I asked my four-year old to pose for some shots, and then asked him why he loved his new Muck Boots...his response? "Mommy, I can run in these boots!and my feet stay dry and warm!" Well, I am sold! He was able to run around the yard in even the deepest of snow and his feet were dry and warm when he took off his boots over two hours later! I also felt more confident as he climbed, ran and did all things kid, because the Muck Boots have a full tread on the bottom of the boot and have a reinforced toe for added protection.

muck boots1

The ultimate test came when he dug his first igloo, he was in the snow for hours and again, no wet feet, wet socks or complaints of cold tootsies. The Muck Boots are super easy for kids to put on independently, as they slip on without any fussy straps or buckles.The stretch-fit neoprene tops fit snugly against their legs, keeping the warmth in and the harsh cold out!


The Muck Boot Company has several styles made just for your child's outdoor needs, including the Rover II that we gave the ultimate test run. They come in six colors and retail for approximately $65.
Muck Boots are easy to find, CLICK HERE to find a store or online retailer near you.

Momtrends was not compensated for this post. We did receive a sample pair of boots.

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