Modern Nursery Nook in Master Bedroom {With Stokke Sleepi & Care}


When we first talked about preparing for this baby, my husband and I didn't plan on putting much of a nursery of any kind together. We easily occupy all the room and space in our house as a family of four and we are moving this summer. It just didn't seem worth it to rearrange bedrooms to set up a full nursery for the baby. The baby will sleep in our room for the first several months anyway so we just thought we'd put up a travel crib in our room and call it done.

And then I started nesting. And the idea of not having a space for this baby really started to bother me. We were extremely blessed and lucky to receive the amazing Stokke Sleepi Crib and that set the plans for our "Nursery Nook" in motion. I've taken the existing design and style of our master bedroom and created a little corner of the room that blends but is distinctly for the baby.

stokke sleepi and white modern rocking chair

I am still waiting on a few little things to arrive, but I actually cleaned our room in preparation for my mom arriving so I took lots of pictures.

This is a look at the whole room from the door to the bathroom. Our room already had a black and white thing going on with black furniture, white lamps with black shades and black and white bedding. We've added white nursery furniture and I added in touches of aqua as a gender neutral baby color.

modern black and white master bedroom with stokke nursery furniture

The only change I made to our existing furniture and decor was to switch the throw pillow cases on our bed. The old throw pillows were floral and I wanted some new ones with more graphic modern prints as well as at least one to pull in the aqua color. The pillow covers from Modernality 2 are great and I actually ordered two more for our bed when these arrived - a black and white damask pillow and a gray pattern.

black master bedroom furniture

Okay, so on to the nursery goodness... The real catalyst to the space was receiving the Stokke Sleepi Convertible Nursery Bed. This crib is simply amazing and designed to grow with your baby. It can transform from a mini crib (how we have it set up) to an oval crib to a toddler bed. But not only is it functional, it's gorgeous.

Isn't it dreamy? And darling? And perfect? The small size means it fits in parent's bedroom because it doesn't take up too much space, is on wheels and it can even fit through doors as is. It also creates a cozy and not overwhelming space for baby to sleep.

stokke sleepi white nursery
stokke sleepi white
stokke sleepi white bedding 2
stokke sleepi white bedding

Our Sleepi Mini is dressed with the all white Stokke Mini bedding, and there are also a couple of other choices (pink, beige or blue).

We like the Stokke Sleepi so much that literally two days after it arrived we ordered the Stokke Care Changing Table. Like the Sleepi, the Care is designed to grow with your child and can convert to a storage system and then to a desk.

stokke care white nursery

A bunting custom made in black and white and aqua fabrics from Starlit Nest Gifts hangs above the changing table. For the moment, the letter L for our last name is hanging there, but the plan is to put the baby's first initial after s/he is born. The dresser to the right of the changing table was once mine, but my husband and I consolidated into his and this one now has little baby things inside. Resting on top next to the Care is a free printable I found on Pinterest from Sprik Space. It's lyrics from the Coldplay song "Yellow": Look at the stars * Look how they shine for you.

black white and turquoise aqua nursery
black and white burp clothes stokke care

The Care is stocked with some Maclaren beginning... baby products and burp cloths from Etsy.

The final piece of furniture in we added to our room to create the nursery area is the Lexington Modern Rocking Chair. It's a small chair - that looks even smaller next to the tall Care and our very tall bed - but the style is perfect with the modern white nursery furniture and it will go into baby's nursery when we move.

lexington modern white molded rocking chair black white aqua nursery

The pillow cover is from Modernality 2 and I ordered the aqua chevron blanket (and some of the burp cloths) from The Posh Pea Boutique.

white lexington modern rocking chair nursery

So that's our little nursery area that will hopefully be a nursery of its own in our next house. What do you think?


Shopping Guide
Oval Mini Crib: Stokke Sleepi
Changing Table: Stokke Care
Molded Rocking Chair: Lexington Modern
Pillow Covers: Modernality 2
Fabric Bunting: Starlit Nest Gifts
Blanket & Burp Cloths: The Posh Pea Boutique
Burp Cloths: Baby Ready to Ship
Stars Print: Sprik Space blog

Thanks to Stokke for providing the Sleepi and Bedding for coverage and review.

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