Making Back to School Style Your Own


If my daughter is anything, she's FUN! She has such a bright, cheerful personality and I often find myself dressing her in clothes that reflect that. Vibrant colors and whimsical details fit her perfectly. I want to encourage my kids to celebrate their individuality and one way they can do that is through fashion. I've always enjoyed expressing my creativity through my style and I think my lil' lady bean is on the same path.


This is her first year of pre-school, so it was important to me that she felt extra special on her first day. Sure it's just a couple days a week for a few hours at a time, but this was a big step for a toddler who's always been home with mama. Since she loves fashion and all the accessories that comes with it, I decided to have a little DIY fun with a backpack that we picked up at Zappos.


Zappos had a great selection of pink, which is her current favorite color, backpacks and we eventually settled on an almost neon number. I found a string of poms at a craft store and simply used a hot glue gun to attach them to the front of the backpack and hang from a zipper. I mean, what's cuter than poms? Not much! Glitter polka dot stickers were the perfect finishing touch. Now my baby girl's backpack sparkles as much as she does!


If you're in back to school mode too, head on over to Zappos for a wide variety of backpacks, shoes, clothes and more! You can expect to find a slew of durable pieces that will pass the kid test! We all know how hard kids can be on their clothes and whatnot. Things that won't immediately fall apart are definitely always on my must haves list. And why race around from store to store searching for back to school must haves when you can score it all in one place and have your haul conveniently delivered to your home?!? Who needs the stress? Not this mom! Fast, free shipping and easy returns are where it's at! Am I right?

So, are you ready to have fun with your kid's back to school style now?!?

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