Make Summer More Magical with the Dynacraft Hello Kitty Car


When I think back to the summers of my childhood I remember them being pure magic. I mean summer is pretty magical to begin with when you’re a kid right? School’s out...Your bedtime is probably a little later...The rigidity that comes with a jam packed schedule eases up...Being able to sit back and relax during the summer months is just as important to children as it is to us parents. My mom understood that. Even though we had responsibilities during the summer, just like during the school year, she always made sure that having fun was a priority and there was usually a special new surprise or experience to look forward to during the summer months. I’ve tried to continue on that tradition with my own kids. That’s why I was thrilled to be able to introduce my daughter to the Dynacraft Hello Kitty Car.


This 6 volt powered ride on vehicle is everything a Hello Kitty fan could dream of. It’s actually the shape of Hello Kitty. How cute is that? From its MP3 imput to its loudspeakers and working horn, this car has it all. And that made it the perfect summer surprise for my daughter who’s been working so hard on her at home learning and chores. You see as much as I aim to make my kids’ summer magical, I don’t believe in throwing all the rules out the window. We’ve definitely relaxed things, but they’re still responsible for picking up after themselves and focusing on something educational each day whether that’s reading, practicing their writing or even learning how to code (my kiddo’s latest goal). I make it a point to show them that I appreciate their efforts and love treating them for the hard work they put in. My mom did the same thing for me. The rewards my sister and I earned when we were young taught us life lessons like the importance of having a solid work ethic and knowing how to show appreciation.

hello kitty 6
hello kitty 8
hello kitty 9

So, as my baby girl tools around in her new ride this summer, she knows that she earned it with her efforts! And that lesson will stick with her...just like the ones that my mom instilled in us are still with me to this day. It’s all coming full circle people! The light up bow just sweetens the pot. Haha!

hello kitty 2

If you have a little one at home at least three years of age who you would like to treat, you can find this darling Dynacraft Hello Kitty Car at Toys R Us for $229.99. And don’t forget about safety...The car comes with adjustable safety straps, but you’ll need to get your own helmet. We love the Bell Helmets Hello Kitty version obviously!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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