Lunchbox Love


Little touches mean a lot--especially when it comes to transitioning your kids to school. That new backpack, pair of sneakers or perfect ruler can help your child feel special, loved and enthusiastic about the year ahead. Sorry if it seems trivial, but I find it to be true. That's where

Lunchbox Love

comes in--these are little notes that can inspire big confidence.

We're keen on the trend of dropping encouraging notes into the lunch boxes as an extra bit of encouragement. And unlike a pricey new pair of vans, these little notes won't break the bank. These are colorful cards that can be tucked in a backpack or lunch box to send an encouraging message and a fun fact off to school. With more than 30 volumes of notes (each pack has 12 cards). you'll be able to inspire your kiddos all year long.


Here are a few sample notes:

  • You have such great ideas/Did you know? The word dreamt is the only word in the English language that ends in "mt."
  • I can't believe how much oyu are learning every day/Did you know? Earth is the only planet not named after an ancient god.

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Sets are $2.99--get discounts when you buy multiple packs.

Momtrends was proud to have SayPlease sponsor our Back to School Event.

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