Luna Leggings: Organic and Fashionable Tights for Girls


My daughter is a skirt-wearing, I hate pants type of kid. For better or worse, her outfit is always a dress or shirt with tights and a shirt. I find it incredible how passionate and strong-willed she is about her 'look.' This look also means that I am constantly washing her tights where many of them have frayed. As a budding fashionista, she also likes her tights to be fun, bold and colorful. With her signature look ready to go, she had the chance to complete her look with an amazing pair of organic cotton tights from Luna Leggings, fashionable tights for girls


While reading the story behind this new organic tights company I was struck by how Jenni Hearing's (founder of Luna Leggings) daughter refused to wear pants. Jenni was inspired to crate this line when she realized that the market was limited and what resulted was a a collection of bright and unique color combinations and designs featuring beautiful flowers, trees, and gardens.


Available as footless, footed tights and attached tutu-skirts, the line has an adorable collection of tights for girls 0-8 years old. I was immediately struck by the fun colors and whimsical prints that were sturdy and felt like like leggings. My daughter instantly smiled when she saw them and loved the collection of stars and colorful pink and greens. They were also very easy to put on and felt ultra soft and durable as she wore them to school.


Since she quickly grew to love them and wore them for multiple days on end with no wear or tear in sight. I loved how solid they are and how fun and durable they are.

In addition to looking ultra chic, the line is crafted from cotton that is sourced from an organic farming community in Northern India. Also, as being an environmentally-friendly company, Luna Leggings uses recycled packaging and paper products, soy-based inks, and minimize waste whenever possible and donates 10% of all profits to the Edible Schoolyard Project to promote the education and practice of enjoying real food.

With prints that are fun and carefree, my daughter loved the gorgeous tights that appealed to her growing fashion sense. I also loved how durable they are and how the company was created by a mom who just wanted the best possible tights for her daughters.

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