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I love how my daughter is so interested in learning with an newfound curiosity for reading math and science. We recently discovered a new way to connect with these subjects through the fun educational software from Lakeshore Learning.

With over 59 years of experience in providing educational content and products, Lakeshore now offers educational software that are based on the state and national educational standards.

Developed by teachers with years of hands-on classroom experience, my daughter has been loving the Phonics Quiz Interactive Game Show where she gets to connect how words sound in the middle, beginning and at the end. Fun and easy to use, after I installed it and went through the directions she was off and running. She really enjoyed the fun animations from her avatar to the host as well as the positive feedback that was given when she got an answer right. This also includes fun sound effects and kid-friendly themes for an active learning environment. This game also received the Teachers' Choice Award as it has been recognized for its ease of use and unique ability to get engage students.

Compatible for PC and MAC, the software series includes more than 150 titles covering math, language and science that covers prekindergarten through grade 5.

Ideal for use in the classroom and at home, Lakeshore's educational software is a great way to get kids excited about learning.

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