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Kids Vacation Fashions

So, are you sick of the cold weather yet? I know some of my northern friends definitely are. And you have a few months to go with even colder temps right? Wouldn't you like to escape to a place where a swimsuit is a must pack piece? Now is the time to plan a warm weather winter vacation! It's pretty nice here in Florida right now. Just saying. Haha!

Seriously though...If it's in the cards for you, a warm weather vacation is a fabulous way to break up the winter and soak in some vitamin d to help you last until spring. And even if it's not in the cards, why not have a pretend tropical staycation? Crank up the heat, put your kiddos in their swimsuits and have some fun "warm weather" fun inside! And you won't even have to deal with the airport!


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Whether you're bound for a tropical locale or staying home, these kids swimsuits, kids sunglasses and sundresses are perfect for your warm weather winter vacation! Can you tell that I'm loving spring's upcoming pastel trend? I love that they're big for another season. What's prettier than a little girl in pastels? You can bet my lil' lady bean will be rockin' them come spring!

On a side note, despite the fact that neither one of my kids have ever seen snow, my little cherubs love putting on their cold weather gear like they're about to have snowball fight. The grass is always greener right? Stay warm lovelies!

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