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Safe Kids Day

Did you know that every year, a million families around the world lose a child to a preventable injury? Millions more children are injured in ways that can affect them for a lifetime. Too many families don’t have access to the information they need to keep their children safe from tragedies such as drowning, car crashes, fires and falls. Safe Kids Worldwide provides resources to families and communities to protect children.

They also recently announced their annual Safe Kids Day events whose events will bring together families, celebrities and donors to raise awareness and funds to prevent childhood injuries, the number one killer of kids in the United States.

To better understand these issues, Safe Kids Worldwide shared some tips on how to keep kids safe.

1. Tug on your kid’s car seat where the seat belt goes.

2. Secure furniture and TVs.

3. Check smoke and CO alarms monthly.

4. Scan your home for places kids can get into medicine.

5. Check around your house for coin-sized button batteries.

6. Ask your kid’s coaches if they have had concussion or sports safety training.

7. Call to action: Take the Challenge and Take Action Against Distraction.

Additionally, be sure to attend their events on Saturday, April 5 at The Lot in Los Angeles and on Saturday, April 12 at the Highline Stages in New York City, in addition to local events held in more than 100 communities across the country.

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