Inspiring Organization Ideas for Kids


We are all seeking organization in our lives and especially within our homes. Getting organized was one of our New Year’s resolutions, right? If you are a parent then you probably want to encourage home organization with your children and show them that it is important to maintain a functional and organized living space.

When it comes to children completing homework, cleaning their room or upholding the family room or play room so that it doesn’t look like a complete disaster zone, kids can always be called upon to pitch in. In fact, here are some inspiring ideas to organize the space where your children tend to play the most and it may even get them excited enough to jump on the organizational bandwagon themselves:


This section of storage is perfect for a little girl by Pottery Barn Kids. This would work well in either a playroom or even a child’s bedroom. The baskets are heavy enough to hold many of their favorite things and the storage baskets are available in a variety of gorgeous bright colors that define the space perfectly. By providing children with actual bins to keep their toys organized may actually inspire them to maintain the space efficiently. This set has the appeal of great design while also serves as the perfect storage space.


Does your child have endless books spilling out of drawers and over the top of the toy box? Instead of shoving the books in drawers, dress up any wall with your child’s favorite books and they will appear as wall art as shown by Daffodil Design! No need for expensive paintings or designs, your child will easily access their favorite books from these easy to install shelves! This is a wonderful way to inspire your children not only to read, but to organize their favorite books that have been stuffed away. Now they can be organized and showcased in the room, making the perfect addition to any wall in the room!


Similar to the Pottery Barn Kids display, you can use a similar design to also incorporate a bench in the center as shown by The Dormy House. The cushion and throw pillows add tons of warmth to the space and also provides children with the perfect place to rest, read, and even play! Having a space they can call their own will inspire them to organize the shelving that surrounds this area and you can even integrate the storage bins for an extra splash of color. This will certainly inspire kids inspired to stay organized!

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