The Incredibles Easy DIY Family Halloween Costume

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First things first, I must confess that I am not a big fan of Halloween. My undisputed favorite part of the holiday: the candy. And, hand's down my least favorite part: finding a costume for me. Getting costumes for the kids is super easy because they are creative and enthusiastic and good at playing pretend. I, on the other hand, am not creative at all so I totally lack the ability to get excited about dressing up in a ridiculous ensemble.

So, imagine our predicament when we woke up Saturday morning with no costumes and a family costume party that night. I asked for some ideas on Facebook, we discussed our options and decided to dress up like Mr. & Mrs. Incredible because, we figured, the costumes weren't that complicated. We hit the BX (general store on base) to get supplies.

As soon as my kids heard what we were shopping for, they wanted to ditch their expensive store-bought costumes and be The Incredibles, too. So, that was that. All five of us were dressing as The Incredibles.

Easy DIY Incredibles Costumes for the Whole Family

Here's how we did it.

1. Incredibles Logo Shirts. The BX complex on base has a printing shop that makes t-shirts. We bought plain red short-sleeve t-shirts for each one of us. We found the Incredibles Logo online and the print shop used their iron-on machine to put the logo on each shirt. The total cost for the five shirts was about $90.

You could easily do this at home if you print the logo on iron-on transfer paper. Google The Incredibles logo to find the best image for your needs. (Tip: An image with the png extension will have a clear background which will look better on a red shirt.)

2. Masks. We purchased black masks for the adults and big kids for 2 Euro each at a Halloween costume vendor at the BX. You could probably pick these up anywhere that sells Halloween costumes.

3. With our shirts and masks, we headed home to shop our closets for Black Leggings and Long-Sleeve Ts. My husband wore jogging tights and a long-sleeve running shirt. I wore black leggings, one of my favorite long-sleeved back shirts and knee-high black boots. My older son actually wore his sister's leggings and an inside out pajama shirt. My daughter and younger son wore black leggings and a long-sleeved black tee.

And there you have it. Our super-easy thrown together in one afternoon family halloween costumes. Meet The Incredibles!

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Despite the look on the baby's face, the kids loved the costumes and we were the hit of the party. I am so glad the kids wanted to be The Incredibles, too, because it was really fun to wear a family themed costume.

Trust me, if we can throw this costume together for the five of us in a few hours with the very limited resources available to us on base, you can definitely do it living in the States.

Happy Halloween!

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