Ice Cream Fairy: Cute Accessories for Kids


You know I love pint-sized fashion. From matching PJs to Easter dresses, I'm in. We have found the cutest new collection of accessories for kids from Ice Cream Fairy, a California-based company that makes high quality accessories that are also stylish and fun. Featuring a collection of bright and colorful hats, scarfs and bonnets with names like bonnie, clyde, magic scarf and nappy - all of the materials from Ice Cream Fairy are made exclusively for the brand and treated with a bio-enzyme that prevents odor and germs. Composed of either characol or a natural latex, the materials are safe, which makes them great for babies and kids with sensitive and gentle skin while also looking incredibly vivid and bright.

I tested out a few of their products and loved that the used gentle fabrics but I also enjoyed their very stylish and fashionable prints. I loved the adorable hoodie in tan on my baby that was the perfect multifaceted hat for the winter. This over-sized hat covered her head, neck and back while also providing a comfortable and breathable lining. I loved how easy it was go on and off and how simple the snaps worked. I also loved their frosty boots in yellow daisy that she has been wearing almost everyday. These cute boots easily wrapped around her tiny feet and were held together by a piece of velcro. Since she is crawling all over the place I also liked that they are non-slip as well as made of polar fleece to help her stay warm during our outdoor adventures. For me, I tested out their adorable nappy pocket in yellow daisy. These mini-diaper bags allow moms-on-the-go to carry a few diapers without the bulk. I love using it for short trips or quick outings where I load it up with a diaper or two, some money and my keys. It makes it so easy to travel with two kids - where I don't have to lug around a big bag.

Some other favorites are the super functional (and cute) Clyde hat to protect babies from the sun, the tiara (head band for girls) and a the dreambow, a portable headrest. Functional, stylish and safe - Ice cream Fairy is an exciting company to keep an eye on for 2012.

The product line and website will launch in the U.S. in late 2012 and will be available on

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