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How to Teach Your Kids About Oral Care

Being that it's National Children's Dental Health Month, I thought it would be a great time to share some of my favorite kids' teeth related finds. Oral care can be a source of contention or a drama free part of your child's routine depending on how you approach it. By making oral care a daily habit beginning when their babies, you won't have as much trouble getting them to brush when they're older.


The Baby Buddy Oral Care Kit is a great tool to help you get started. It's filled with products that will help you take care of your baby's teeth and gums from the get go all the way through their first twenty-four months. It includes easy to use wipes, a finger brush, a wipe n brush, baby's first toothbrush and the 360 toothbrush which can be used after they turn two. This kit would be a great as part of a baby shower gift!


We all know how fast kids grow and in no time those little teeth that you've been so carefully taking care of will start falling out. Enter the tooth fairy! I remember just waking up to a dollar under my pillow when I was little, but there are so many more fun ways to incorporate the tooth fairy into your kids' lives. Plus, you can encourage them to continue to take good care of their teeth by providing special surprises.

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The Teeth Fairies Doll and Book is a super fun way to get kids excited about losing their baby teeth and growing their big kid teeth. Pair this interactive set with an adorable Mighty Twenty Tooth Fair Pillow and your kiddos will be hoping and wishing to lose their teeth. In fact, my lil' lady bean has already taken to the Teeth Fairies Doll even though she has a few years before that first tooth comes loose. Haha!


I also love the Complete Tooth Fairy Kit. I know I'm not the only sentimental mama out there. I currently have the teeth my little dude has lost saved the Baby Teeth Keepsake Box that this kit comes with is right up my alley. And how cute is that door hanger? We wouldn't want the tooth fairy to pass our house by! Am I right?

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