How to Show You Care by Doing Chores


As busy parents, we all know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by household chores. We work, whether that's inside the home or outside it. We have school and homework to focus on, not to mention after school sports and activities to get the kids to. So, getting chores done has a tendency to create unnecessary stress...Am I right?Wouldn't you love it if someone helped you out with that load? Whether it be your partner or your children., sharing the chores as a family is a great way to reduce said stress. Plus the responsibility that children can learn from having chores is an invaluable lesson!

Whirlpool recently found through a survey on chores that has some surprising results...

  • Men and women do chores for different reasons. Men are more likely to do chores to make their significant other happy, while women are more likely to do chores because they love having a clean house. But 40% of women do chores because no one else will do them.
  • Children regularly avoid and complain about helping out. 63% of parents say their children actively try to avoid chores; 43% of parents say that their children complain about having to do assigned chores and 37% try to get out of doing them.
  • We are really undervaluing the long-term benefits of chores. Only 15% of Americans believe doing chores makes children better students; only 23% think chores make children closer to their family
  • A little “thank you” for mom (and dad) would go a long way. Half of Americans say they would like to be acknowledged more often for helping out around the house. Two-thirds (64%) of married women say they’d like to be thanked more for their household chores, compared to only one-third (36%) of married men.

And after consulting with behavioral psychologist Dr. Richard Rende at Brown University, Whirlpool also learned that:

  • Household duties like chores actually bring families together and reduce stress.
  • Increase childhood academic performance.
  • Propel healthy adult relationships and positive mental health for children in adulthood.

Check out this video from the Whirlpool Every Day, Care™ campaign and I bet you'll be inspired to pick up the old chore slack for someone you love!

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