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How to Have a Healthy Kitchen During a Busy Week

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Healthy Kitchen Tips

The internet is full of resources, but not all of them are accurate or specific to our needs. One site that we have found that is comprehensive, fun to read and full of peritant topics for a modern parent is Bundoo (check out our past review here). This is because Bundoo works with pediatricians and childcare experts as well as features an informative “Ask Bundoo" section where you can ask pediatricians, OB/GYNs and other childcare experts questions about your given concerns in a private forum. This includes experts such as Dr. Sara Connolly, a Bundoo Pediatrician; Dr. Kristie Rivers, a Bundoo Pediatrician, Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, a Bundoo OB/GYN, and Dr. Raquel Anderson, a Bundoo Behavioral Health Specialist.

As a busy mom I was curious to learn more tips about sticking to a healthy meal plan during the busy weeks when we are cramming in work, homework and all that comes with that. To help us out with healthy eating when we are busy, we interviewed Susan Lupackino, MHS, RD, LDN of Bundoo who shared some tips and insight on how to make healthy eating work everyday.

Susan Lupackino

Momtrends: What are some food staples that parents should have at home to make quick and healthy dinners?

Susan Lupackino, MHS, RD, LDN: Healthy eating does not have to be difficult, especially with food staples you can easily work with. A few food staples I recommend parents keeping in their kitchen are: lean protein (chicken, beef, and turkey), wheat pasta, fresh fruit, brown rice, wheat pizza dough, canned or frozen vegetables, and tuna fish.

Momtrends: How can parents plan their meals when they are super busy during the week?

Susan Lupackino: The key to maintaining a healthy kitchen is planning ahead. We are all super busy and if planning out 7 dinners a week seems daunting focus on just 2 or 3. Make a grocery list during the weekend and plan out your meals on Sunday for the week. Utilize the food staples I mentioned above. Plan for chicken one day, pasta another day, and homemade pizza on the third day. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to eat healthy.

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Momtrends: Can you talk about the importance of family meals and healthy for kids?

Susan Lupackino: Most children do not get the recommended five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day that they should receive. Fruits and vegetables benefit kids in many ways including improved nutrition, decreased obesity risk and better school performance. Studies have even suggested that children who eat more fruits and vegetables have better school performance than those who do not. Family meals give children the opportunity to eat nutritious foods.

Momtrends: What are some of our favorite recipes/meal ideas for busy families?

Susan Lupackino: It is important to add variety to your meals; the more colorful the plate is the more likely your child will enjoy the meal. Chicken-crusted parmesan crusted tenders in one of my favorite recipes; serve with sautéed green beans and roasted sweet potato wedges. Parents can also produce delicious recipes using a slow-cooker: turkey chili, barbeque chicken, and lasagna.

Momtrends: How can kids get involved in the kitchen to make meals with their parents?

Susan Lupackino: Parents should definitely get their kids involved in the kitchen. Children are so curious and want to get their hands into everything – what better way than in the kitchen. Make homemade pizzas with your kids. Allow them to decorate the dough with sauce and vegetables. As they’re getting their hands dirty talk to them about the importance of healthy eating. Kids can process more than you think. Make smoothies or milkshakes with your children by letting them add the fruits, milk, ice-cream or yogurt into the blender. Make healthy eating fun for the entire family.

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