How to Deal with Bullies and Mean Girls

How to Deal with Bullies and Mean Girls

Bullying is awful, and sadly it is part of what some of our kids have to deal with when they go to school. To help kids as young as those in kindergarten deal with this, we enlisted the help of Robert Nickell, owner of DaddyScrubs, who gave us some tips on how to deal with bullies and mean girls.

1. Don’t Fight: Often times bullying can lead to violence, but it’s important to teach our children non-violent ways in which they can handle situations. If your child is being bullied he or she will need to learn to calmly leave the situation, walk (or run) away and seek help from a nearby parent, teacher, counselor or principal. An adult, and specifically, someone who works within the school will be able to watch out for your child and deliver the appropriate consequences to the bully.

2. Lookout for Others: Teaching a child to be empathic can be difficult, but is a lesson and a character trait they’ll be able to take with them and use throughout their whole lives. You can begin to teach children to be empathetic by looking out for others. Talk to them about how they would feel in a given situation, and help them understand the importance of kindness. If they see someone being bullied they can help by finding a teacher to get involved. They can also help by inviting the bullied child into their group of friends. Simply being a friend to the bullied child and offering them someone to talk to who will be kind to them can make a world of difference.

3. Get Involved: As a parent there are ways in which you can get involved. If your child or another child is being bullied reach out to school officials to discuss the severity and urgency of the situation; the school will be able to deliver consequences to the bully. Additionally, I encourage a strong line of communication between parents and children. Give them a chance to talk daily about their excitements, fears, etc. This will allow them to feel comfortable opening up to you and letting you know of an issue when there is one. If your child won’t talk to you then make them an appointment with a counselor, so they’re able to talk to someone in a safe place. I’d also encourage parents of bullied children to focus on a child’s strength, build them up positively and get them involved

Robert Nickell (known as Daddy Nickell), owner of DaddyScrubs, provides valuable and unique advice for parents, and especially dads, on how to give your child the self-confidence, skills and power to stand up (and proudly walk away) from bullying. A father of three, Daddy Nickell developed DaddyScrubs to provide products and support to dads throughout all stages of fatherhood, including strong, empowering advice that helps dads all over the world develops capable, self-confident and successful kids. For more information on DaddyScrubs and Daddy Nickell, please visit

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