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Healthy Living Tips for Parents

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With busy schedules and priorities to stay in shape and maintain well-being, parents rely on mobile apps to manage their health. It’s important they are educated and equipped with the latest mobile health tools and resources.

Web MD app

During a recent interview, we had the chance to learn more about the WebMD app and how it can offer families articles, information and tips. It also currently underwent its first major design update in five years, now includes a new design and personalized healthy living content, accessible anywhere, anytime for busy parents. TO learn more about the app, we chatted with WebMD’s expert pediatrician, Dr. Hansa Bhargava, who discussed healthy living tips and tools, as well as the information available within the app to help moms manage their family’s health and wellness.

Momtrends: What are some health tools to help families stay organized?

Dr. Hansa Bhargava: Our WebMD app has lots of tools and resources to keep you organized! With a menu that offers articles, quizzes and important information for Parenting, Health & Beauty, Healthy Eating and other areas, you will have all the information at your fingertips. For parents, it is especially helpful; the WebMD app offers key tips to help kids stay healthy with good nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

Momtrends: How can the app help moms?

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Dr. Hansa Bhargava: As does our website, the WebMD app has trusted, physician-reviewed information that is available anytime, anywhere. It specifically helps moms with their kids, when they are ill. For example, if your child has an ear infection, it is easy to look up that information immediately. If your child has a fever, our symptom checker can help a parent identify what the child may have. You can also look up nearby pharmacies to get the medicine that your child may need.

Momtrends: How can families manage their family’s health and wellness?

Dr. Hansa Bhargava: Eating well is a big part of being healthy. Families are often juggling so many things that figuring out what’s for dinner is last on the list. With this app, you can plan out easy dinners as well as other meals. If you’re not sure how to get your kids active and ensure they get enough exercise, you can look up ideas for how to keep your family moving, instantly!

Momtrends: Anything else to add about the app?

Dr. Hansa Bhargava:Getting information instantly, wherever you are, is essential when managing your family’s health. With personalization through having sections for healthy eating, health & beauty, parenting and other key areas, it helps make your life easier. The WebMD app offers personalized information on the go to help make your life easier and healthier!

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