Hair Care Must Haves for the Whole Family


I have two kids with two very different heads of hair. My son has a glorious curly mane that I literally hate to have cut...While my daughter, on the other hand, is still working on growing her tresses past a pixie. Haha! So, hair care is very important in my house. Not only are more natural products my preference because I'm using them on my precious babies, but I also want products that really work. I guess that's true of any product that I buy for myself or my family! So, why not look for products that every member of the family can use?


When you have a super thick head of hair that's anything but short, like my son and I do, tangles are the enemy. My little dude digs his shaggy 'do, but he is not at all interested in sitting still for more than a moment while I style it, so give me a product that will cut down on the tangles and allow me to comb his hair quickly then send him on his way in seconds and I'm a happy mama. Enter Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil. Apply this hair and skin treatment while your kiddos are in the shower or bath, let them play with their water toys for a bit, then rinse and they'll be left with softer, more manageable hair. My daughter can benefit from it just as much. I try to keep her hair in good condition to encourage the growth process. And can you guess what's in it? Coconut Oil. That's right. Just coconut oil. I love the simplicity!


Another natural line that I've become a fan of is Attitude. Their products are created entirely with worry free ingredients. They pride themselves on leaving cancer-causing chemicals, mutagens and reproductive toxins out of their line. I certainly appreciate that! They have a 2 in 1 shampoo and body wash that's perfect for wiggly kiddos who aren't exactly excited about bath time. You can lather up their hair and body with one easy product and in no time you're done! How cool is that?

So, what are your must have hair care products lovelies? I'm forever crowdsourcing. Haha!

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