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Get Camp Ready with Vamousse Lice Defense Daily Shampoo

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vamousse, camp, sleepway camp, camp must haves, life defense shampoo, vamoose lice defense daily shampoo

School is almost out for my littles and I can just about taste the lazy days splayed out by the pool and late nights sharing s'mores around the firepit. I look forward to summer all year-long as it is our time as a family to reconnect, slow down and really bond. Our children get the chance to try new things through various sports and activity camps. I love to watch them take risks, learn something new and feel the pride that comes from attaining a goal. This summer will be filled with an exciting milestone for my middle child, albeit nerve racking one for her mama. She will be attending sleep away camp for the first time and she could not be more amped up about this adventure.

Although, I feel fully confident in her camp counselors (the camp is also within five miles of my home!) I started to put together a mini First-Aid kit packed with all the essentials. Since her daddy is a professional Athletic Trainer, I knew just the right supplies to add in, but when the kit was all set and ready, I knew something was missing. In my world, camp is synonymous with head lice. My daughter has waist long hair and the mere thought of a lice break-out sends me running. Did you know that lice infestation is the second most frequent health issue for school-age kids in the U.S., each year affecting more than 12 million children, ages 3 to 11, second only to the common cold according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? Yeah, me neither.

vamousse, camp, sleepway camp, camp must haves, life defense shampoo, vamoose lice defense daily shampoo

So I started doing a little homework and found out there was a way to prepare for a lice infestation ahead of time~now that is speaking my language. We switched from our regular shampoo to a gentle shampoo for proactive daily defense. Using Vamousse Lice Defense Daily Shampoo before, during and after camp is an easy step to not only gain peace of mind but it's a powerful tool that kills stray lice to help families defend against an infestation. I was worried about the potentially harmful substances that my daughter would be exposed to, but Vamousse Lice Defense Daily Shampoo is non-toxic, and safe and gentle enough to use daily. The added bonus is that Vamousse Lice Defense Daily Shampoo is designed to defend against lice when used for 10-14 days following a potential exposure, and helps keep families lice free.

vamousse, camp, sleepway camp, camp must haves, life defense shampoo, vamoose lice defense daily shampoo

It is very convenient to be able to pack one shampoo and know that it is doing double duty~cleaning her hair and defending against lice. The shampoo is gentle and doesn’t leave the hair feeling dry or unmanageable either.

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I know that a lice check will be performed on all the campers on registration day, but I will check her before she heads off in an effort to save her the frustration (and me the cost!) of being delayed from orientation for treatment. Lice can be present before there are any symptoms such as itching. Exponential growth of an infestation and the transmission of lice to others can occur before there are any telltale signs. I love that Vamousse Lice Defense Daily Shampoo is great (and safe!) for use for the whole family whether it be during a lice breakout, treatment of a sibling or when there's a risk of re-infestation.

But what do I do if my daughter does get lice? Vamousse Lice Treatment is clinically proven to kill lice and eggs in 1 treatment. I feel much better knowing that it is safe, non-toxic, and pesticide-free. With Vamousse Lice Treatment the application is a cinch because the easy-to-use mousse is quick and precise, and rinses easily. Vamousse Lice Treatment is also proven effective against pesticide-resistant super lice. The active ingredient, natrum muriaticum, dehydrates the lice without using a pesticide. Unlike many traditional products, Vamousse uses a physical mode of action to dehydrate lice and eggs by contact, to end an infestation fast.

vamousse, camp, sleepway camp, camp must haves, life defense shampoo, vamoose lice defense daily shampoo

Knowing that my little one is armed with a perfectly stocked first aid kit makes this mama feel rest assured that she is prepared for her first sleepaway camp experience. (Now only if I could have a box full of goodies that makes me feel secure and prepared?!)

vamousse, camp, sleepway camp, camp must haves, life defense shampoo, vamoose lice defense daily shampoo

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