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New York City is a great place to be a parent. There are so many amazing adventures and people that make this place our special home. While I will sing the praises of NYC any day, one thing I won’t tell you is that it’s an easy place to be a new mom. Especially when it comes time to bring baby home from the hospital.

As a mom of three girls one of the most exciting aspects of those early days was eagerly awaiting to be discharged from the hospital and go home as a new family. Having had our third daughter only two months ago that moment is still fresh in my mind as my husband carried our car seat and I wobbled out of the hospital - exhausted, but so happy.

First Ride Home

This moment was a far cry from when we left the hospital in 2008--my first go round at the world of parenting. Like all expecting moms, I had a book on every topic. This was the time when I read up on everything parenting, and loaded up my baby registry with the most random collection of baby items (bottle warmer, anyone?). It was also a time when we didn't have a car.

First Ride Home

The thought of getting baby from point A (the hospital) to point B (our apartment) was incredibly stressful and complicated. Luckily, we worked it out. My in-laws lent us their car but that involved them bringing it down from upstate New York and making sure that my husband installed the car seat in properly. I was relieved when that part of the plan came together.

A bout of jaundice for our new baby threw a wrench in our well-laid plans. We had to stay a few extra days at the hospital. When she was finally ready to be discharged we loaded up the car with a ridiculously overstuffed diaper bag and triple-checked that the car seat base was perfect. Then nothing. The car wouldn’t start.

The battery was completely dead. Cue the tears. I remember sitting there, numb as tears flowed down my face - wanting to get her home but having no idea of how we could do so without a car. We called a few friends and family, where we finally got in touch with my cousin who drove us to and from the hospital. After the paperwork and the car seat inspection the stress and anxiety of that moment dissipated where in about three hours we were all (finally) home. It was just SO challenging.

As stressful as this time was I also know that I am not alone in the “going home without a car” issue. In fact, more than three-quarters of Manhattan households do not own a car, making it so difficult to get home from the hospital, especially during the busy and cold holiday season.

To help parents out from the very start, is offering a new program called "Baby’s First Ride Home." Through this program, New York City families that welcome newborns in Manhattan hospitals this December will be able to receive a FREE ride (up to $50) so they can transport their babies home for the holidays. In New York City, is known for its free, overnight delivery of baby care essentials ($49 minimum). Now they’ll be known for delivering babies!

The program runs December 10th through Christmas Day. To participate, simply contact the 24/7 customer care team at 1-800-DIAPERS on your day of discharge to receive a $50 Lyft credit to use towards baby’s first ride home from the hospital. The program includes all Manhattan hospitals. Participants are responsible for requesting rides home through the Lyft app. Program details and specific instructions can be found at

Additionally, is doing their part to help new moms with the convenience of online shopping--new customers can get $10 off their first case of diapers and all customers can get $5 off cases through March 31, 2015 with code GIMMEFIVE at checkout.

Going home with your baby in NYC should not be stressful, and is doing their part to make sure that isn't by offering FREE rides in December and huge savings so parents can enjoy the wild ride of parenting.

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