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New Food Finds

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There are constantly new and exciting food ideas on the market. From healthy snacks to on-the-go bites, here are some of our newest finds.

With the summer coming, we are stocking up our freezer with LifeIce, an all natural, low sugar, gluten free and fat free ice. Made with a Coconut water and an agave base, these ices are great to include in drinks as well as in smoothies. Flavors include Chocolate Crisp, Berry Bite, Green Grind and Citrus Chomp that are sure to make them a delicious part of your summer.

Moms are always running and to make sure that we get enough of our nutrients we have been snacking on the new line of lower sugar Promax bars. This includes flavors such as Chocolate Fudge, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter Chocolate that all contain 9 grams of sugar. This includes bars that are bursting with flavor, fiber and protein that are sure to get you through your day.

For healthy snacks on the go we love Earth’s Best and their Smiley Snacks that feature a delicious vanilla flavor and the Earth’s Best Crunchin Crackers that are an excellent source of ion, zinc and six B vitamins. They also make snacking fun with Big Bird and Elmo in every bite.

For juicing at home, we love the new blend from R.W. KnudsenFamily and their new Nature’s Peak™ juice blends. This includes flavors such as Berry Veggie Blend®, Orchard Veggie Blend and Tropical Veggie Blend.These flavorful blends are packed with 100% fruit and vegetable juices that contain a ½ cup serving of fruits and a ½ cup serving of vegetables. My girls love these blends that also contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives as well as being non-GMO Project Verified.

For something a little sweet, I have been loving the new MOJO Fruit & Nut and MOJO Dark Chocolate. This special treat is packed with organic whole nuts, organic fruit and chunks of organic dark chocolate. This also includes a line of other MOJO varieties including Cranberry Almond, Wild Blueberry Almond, Coconut Almond Peanut, Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, and Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond (SRP $1.49) - all of which are gluten-free, under 200 calories, low glycemic and a good source of fiber.

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For a protein-packed morning, we love ViCrunch Fusions, a blend of Tri-Berry Puffs and Chocolate Macadamia Granola. Packed with protein and fiber, this will sure to keep you and your kids full all morning long. Another favorite is ViCrunch Super Cereal, a blend that is also packed with protein and 5 grams of prebiotic fiber. This is designed to support immune function, digestive function, heart health, mineral and calcium absorption and hunger control.

I love giving my kids a daily smoothie that is filled with veggies and fruits. To give them another boost I have been using D'Vida, a line of pre-made smoothie sachets. This includes a delicious line of flavors such as VidaPUMP (Banana + Peanut Butter), VidaGREEN (Cucumber + Kale + Green Apple + Spinach), VideBOOST(Pineapple + Coconut) and VidaSLIM (Strawberry + Banana). Featuring all-natural ingredients and only the freshest fruits and vegetables, all of the packets are GMO and Gluten-Free that are also packed with protein and fiber.

Another fun way to drink on-the-go is with Juice in the Box, a designed and patented reusable drink box is the perfect companion to any healthy lunch or snack. It's safe, BPA and Phthalate free, easy to clean and comes in five beautiful colors – green, orange, pink, red and blue. With Juice in the Box, you can ensure her family is drinking healthy – even when on the move.

A great way to boost your nutrients is with Quinoasure, a 100% instant quinoa powder. New to the U.S, Quinoasure is a great supplement for pregnant, nursing women, babies and children that is made from organic, non-GMO quinoa seeds and is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and prebiotics. I tried this in my smoothies and I loved it's smooth texture that is also great for first-time eaters as it is a complete protein that is suitable for children’s natural digestive system as well as having antioxidants and Omega Fatty Acids that are similar to mother’s milk.

One of our favorite no sugar added drinks is from good2grow, a line of healthy children’s beverages featuring popular character tops that make these nutritional products fun for kids to drink. My kids loved the collection of tops featuring Minnie Mouse, Monsters Inc, Sponge Bob and more that feature a spill-proof Sippa - making it great for travel and on-the-go adventures. This includes a line of fruit, fruit and vegetable and organic blends of juice - all of which are non-GMO, have no artificial colors, preservatives, or added flavors.

For a sweet treat, we are loving the New - Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations. Featuring fun flavors like Dulce de Leche, Mint Chocolate Chip, Mocha Chunk and Root Beer Float you and your kids will love this classic cookie with its new and flavorful update.

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