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Family Jam Sessions with Spotify and Kidz Bop

When the hubs and I met we majorly bonded over music. We actually didn't have much in common when it came to our musical tastes, but we were avid music lovers and concert goers. As our relationship progressed, we introduced each other to new types of music and enjoyed seeing shows by artists from a variety of genres. Although, we might not get to as many live concerts as we used to since we're parents now, we have plenty of jam sessions right at home...and our kids love them more than anyone! On most early summer evenings you'll find us rockin' out to our fave tunes in the backyard. It's a wonderful way to end the day!


Thank goodness for Spotify and KIDZ BOP, the #1 music brand for kids! With them, we are able to create family friendly playlists that the whole fam can get down to. In fact, our wee ones get in on the action and help us select the jams that go on our playlists. I love how easy Spotify, which is a music streaming service that’s available on your computer, phone or tablet, is to use. You simply install it and can start listening to music right away. The streaming service is free, but with the premium membership, you can take advantage of unlimited skips, offline streaming and ad-free listening. Score!


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We were all able to find our summer favorites on Spotify with the search function and place them on our playlist in no time flat. We actually all chose one particular song from the KIDZ BOP 29 album which recently came out...We're seriously diggin' "Shut Up and Dance." Just sayin'. If you are too, you'll be excited to hear that you can see The KIDZ BOP Kids perform your favorite songs off KIDZ BOP 29 live on their “Make Some Noise” tour this summer!

In addition to our top pick from KIDZ BOP 29, our "Momtrends Summer Mix," is filled with fun summer worthy songs for us 'rents and our kiddos alike. As I mentioned, the hubs, me and my 7 year old all put our faves on there...See if you can tell who chose what!

You're ready to dream up your own playlists now right? I can't wait to hear what you put on there! For more information on KIDZ BOP, The KIDZ BOP Kids and the “Make Some Noise” tour, head over to And before you go, make sure you enter our Spotify Premium Subscription Giveaway!

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