Mini Style Saturday: Fall Fashion Favorites


Well, I think most of the kiddos are officially back to school right? So, it's time to talk about what they're going to wear this fall! After you get the back to school basics covered, you can focus on adding some fun pieces to their wardrobes. Vibrant colors, cheeky tees and special prints would all add a little pop to your little ones' looks. Even if they wear a uniform at school, they'll need a weekend-wear fall wardrobe!

I'm all about having fun with my fashion and the same goes for the way I dress my kids. I don't take myself too seriously and I hope they'll feel the same way when they're old enough to dress themselves...or when I'm ready to turn over the reins that is. Haha! I'm having a ball styling them right now. Don't get me wrong, they voice their opinions, yes that includes the one year old, but mama's still got the final say...for now!


Take Chat Mechant's adorable line. Mixing prints like stripes with graphic tees, Chat Mechant was made for the coolest of cats! And that means these fresh duds were made for YOUR kids...because all our cherubs C-O-O-L kittens! Am I right? Clearly, I would be more than happy to add Chat Mechant pieces to my kids' closets!


Seeing as our wee ones seem to go every second, re-sale boutiques are a great way to save money and continuously refresh their offers great brand at killer prices and you won't have to sacrifice style one bit. How about all that color?!?

So, who's ready to insert a little funk into your kiddo's look?!?

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