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Fair Trade Awareness Month


Do you know which products you consume are fair trade or not? In honor of October being Fair Trade Month we are learning that one-in-four parents (26%) regularly purchase Fair Trade products and that parents are more likely than non-parents to be aware of the benefits of Fair Trade (44% vs. 31%).

Fair Trade Awareness Month

We also learned that Philadelphia reigns as the Fairest City in America, according to the 2013 Be Fair Survey, with Boston and Dallas-Fort Worth following closely behind. Fair Trade USA, the leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in North America, celebrates America’s fairest cities and reminds consumers to Be Fair by choosing Fair Trade when they shop.

The Be Fair Survey also revealed that Americans overwhelmingly demonstrate fairness in their everyday lives, from treating people fairly (91%) to simply holding the door for others (91%). In fact, Americans aspire to include fairness in their shopping habits, as the majority says it’s important to purchase products that treat people fairly by providing safe working conditions (87%), fair compensation (81%) and opportunities for kids to go to school (74%). Yet many are missing out on their chance to Be Fair when they shop – only one-in-five Americans (18%) are purchasing Fair Trade regularly.

Buy Fair, Be Fair:

October 2013 marks the tenth annual Fair Trade Month, the perfect time to Be Fair and celebrate the global impact of Fair Trade., the place to go for all things fair, offers these simple ideas to show your support:

  • Look for the Fair Trade Certified™ label and Buy Fair. Support Fair Trade by swapping one item in your daily routine – like trading in your cup of coffee or banana for the Fair Trade version. Or, make a commitment to buy at least one Fair Trade product every time you shop.
  • How Fair Are You? Take and share the Fairness Quiz and see how you measure up against your friends.
  • Read, watch and share information about the impact you can make when you Buy Fair with stories, videos and infographics.
  • Join the #BeFair social media community for daily Fair Trade giveaways.

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Fair Trade on the Rise:

The growth and increased availability of Fair Trade empowers shoppers to choose products that make a real difference – from ensuring farmers earn a fair deal for their hard work, to helping them improve their communities, protect the environment and grow the best products possible. In 2013 alone, Fair Trade USA signed on 73 new companies (for a total of 780), and helped launch 600 new Fair Trade Certified products into the North American market. These products are grown and sewn by more than 1.3 million farmers and workers in 70 countries across the globe, who are working hard to fight poverty through better trade. Key highlights from 2013 include:

  • A Fairer Cup: To celebrate Fair Trade Month, Green Mountain Coffee® launched the “Great Coffee, Good Vibes, Choose Fair Trade” campaign with Kelly Clarkson. The brand also launched Three Continent Blend as the latest addition to its selection of Fair Trade Certified coffees, one of the largest in the country. This year, nine-year-old Vivienne Harr, the youngest Fair Trade entrepreneur, launched Make a Stand Lemon-Aid made with Fair Trade Certified sugar.
  • Fair Trade Fashion heats up: Patagonia, the newest member of the Fair Trade USA apparel program, readies its Fall ’14 Fair Trade line. Oliberté introduced the first-ever Fair Trade Certified shoes while Under the Canopy brought to market the first-ever Fair Trade Certified robe.
  • Fair Trade Fruit a Day: The Fair Trade Certified produce category experienced double digit growth in 2013, supported by Whole Foods Market’s increased selection of Fair Trade Certified fruits and vegetables.
  • Fair Trade and Sustainable Sourcing: Fair Trade USA has been selected as a partner by both McDonald’s and Hershey’s to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

Check out this video to learn more about Fair Trade:

To learn more about Fair Trade USA, visit, follow @fairtradeusa on Twitter and “like” the Fair Trade USA Facebook page.

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