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I love that everyday is an adventure with kids. One of our favorite things to do is explore NYC. Recently, we went on a mission (of sorts) with History Hero, a new and one-of-a-kind app that is designed to enhance family visits to the world’s greatest historical and cultural destinations.

History Hero App
History Hero App

As an interactive app, families can enjoy experiences in Washington, DC, Minneapolis, New York, London, Paris and Rome where they can enjoy missions to various museums and cultural institutions with the goal to save history, defeat the Erasers and earn points.


For our NYC mission, we went to the Museum of Modern Art (you can also go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Natural History Museum where the app gave us a mission folder. We then had to choose our Hero (we opted for Ally N.Blast) and picked the age range 4-7 with an adult (they also have missions for kids 8-12 and just adults). It started with the app telling is to enter through the museum and directed us to various points where we clicked 'made it' when we did so.

Although we really love museums, my daughter loved this experience even more as the app guided us through the museum. One of our favorite parts was going through the different galleries and when we were successful we were asked questions and then given points as well as given the option to take pictures. This was a great way for my daughter to carefully observe the paintings in order to complete the questions as well as learn interesting information that we may normally not have observed.

Another fun benefit of the app is that it focuses on age-appropriate content while rewarding learning where kids and their parents can achieve the coveted History Hero Medal of Honor.

Available for download on any Apple operating system device here. Each site tour mission is $4.99

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given a gift card for our mission.

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