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Escape Your Baby Weight with Exude Fitness

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Baby weight is a tricky thing. As women we want (so quickly) to take the weight off but you have to consider the time since you had the baby as well as the proper fitness plan so that you don't waste precious time.

While I don't feel that I am overweight I know that I want to get toned as well as start an exercise regime that I do every week that does not require me to be in the gym. I simply don't have the time, and honestly I am not a gym person but that doesn't mean that can't get fit. During a recent meeting with Edward Jackowski, founder of Exude, I learned that being in a gym doesn't mean fitness and that I can 'Escape my Baby Weight' following his body shape approach to getting fit, and ultimately healthy. This includes a plan that is based on years of "research, data and consumer feedback, resulting in an array of unique and body-changing fitness accessories and content."

Exude Fitness, fitness for moms

Prior to us meeting, he asked me to fill out a questionnaire pertaining to my health and fitness. When we met, I presented him with my answers and we spoke about what I was looking for as well as the struggles I had with getting toned. When then went to the gym where we did a sample workout that started with a combination of cardio, weights and then jumping rope. The interesting thing about this workout was that I was moving in ways my body was accustomed to - so while it was a seemingly easy to jump rope, my body had a hard time following the movements with ease. Edward explained that this was all a part of this method - getting stronger from my head to my feet. After we were finished, Edward gave me an estimated time when I would see results and what size I would be in three months.

Exude Fitness, fitness for moms

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As a pioneer in the fitness industry, Edward has developed a real approach to getting fit. There are no special potions or gimmicks - you simply do the work based on his plan and get results. This includes an easy-to-follow and personalized blueprint on how to get a "fit, slim, toned and problem-free body." Personally, I loved how Edward got to know me and my needs and created a plan based on what I needed. This is a part of his body type system where he understands everyone's body is different and unique when it comes to fitness. It also allows you to understand your body and the tools to relearn how to take of yourself.

Exude Fitness

As you get better with the exercises, his program is also designed to give you confidence - not just from having a stronger body - but also from being educated about how to take care of yourself and having the tools to make this a part of your life.

Exude fitness is available in Manhattan, NY and all five boroughs, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Nantucket, and Southeastern Florida from Jupiter down to Miami, including Key Biscayne and soon-to-come Los Angeles and Chicago and can be

To Schedule a Fitness Assessment and Body Type Workout, please call 1-800-24-EXUDE or 212-644-9559

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We were given a complimentary workout and exercise equipment. 

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